Flashback Fall 2012


roboVITics – The Official Robotics Club of VIT Vellore, during the Fall Semester 2012, has conducted a whopping 10 practical hands-on workshops/sessions and 3 events in graVITas’12, not counting the Core Committee Selections process. A brief description of all the events can be found as Events Fall 2012-13. For details regarding each of the events, click on the respective links.

  1. Core Committee Selections – Second Year
  2. Make a Bot in 20 Minutes
  3. AutoBOT – Autonomous Robots
  4. RoboCV – Computer Vision for Robots (a set of four individual workshops as follows)
    1. Demo Session
    2. Two-Day Hands-On Workshop
    3. Morphological Processing
    4. Contours and Hardware Interfacing
  5. Learning Grid Follower
  6. Wireless Robots
  7. graVITas 2012
    1. C Bombing (pre-graVITas FREE ONLINE event)
    2. Grid Follower v2.0
    3. IP Soccer
  8. Core Committee Selections – Freshers
  9. Social Outreach Programme at Don Bosco
  10. Second Anniversary Celebrations
  11. Programming in Embedded C
roboVITics Core Committee 2012-13

roboVITics Core Committee 2012-13


Learning Grid Follower

Grid Follower

A robot navigating the grid during the event Grid Follower organized previous graVITas

roboVITics presents a one day FREE HANDS-ON workshop on how to make a grid follower robot. In the course of the event, the participants will also learn how to make a simple autonomous line follower robot right from the scratch! This is in regard to the event Grid Follower v2.0 being organized by roboVITics during graVITas’12.

Participants should bring their laptops along with them. One laptop will do for a group of 3-4 people. They are encouraged to download and install the software Atmel Studio 6, or else they will be provided with it on the day of the workshop. A group of 4-5 people will be given a microcontroller board to program, which will be taken back after the workshop.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Introduction to autonomous robots
  • Basics of Microcontrollers
  • Programming the AVR Microcontroller using Embedded C
  • Writing and deploying the “Hello World” program
  • Port Operations using AVR
  • DC Motor Control
  • Sensor Interfacing and ADC
  • Line Follower Algorithm and programming
  • PID Algorithm for line following
  • Grid Navigation Algorithm
  • Maze Solving Algorithm
  • Basics of EEPROM Programming for memory storage

This event is open to all.

Date: Sunday, 2nd September, 2012
Time: 9am-5pm (including breaks)
Venue: TT311 Smart Classroom

Contact for details: Hemant 9566758862, hemant@core.robovitics.in

Event Details


Introduce the participants to grid follower from the basics keeping in view of the upcoming graVITas’12 event of roboVITics Grid Follower v2.0.

Workshop Plan

a) Basic theory and introduction session along with the software distribution prior to lunch break

b) Programming and hands on application/demonstration session post lunch.


roboVITics today organized a workshop on grid follower robot in TT311 covering the basic concept of Atmega8 AVR microcontroller and sensor interfacing (IR Sensors).The workshop included a live demonstration of IR interfacing and Line follower robot & concept of grid navigation .A practical approach was used during the event by making the participants do a hands on over the code of atmega8 in the open source software provided by the club.


The session was started by Amit and Hemant. They spoke on the different microcontroller boards that can be used and sensors that can be used to make a grid follower bot. This was followed by a detailed working of motor driver circuit by Amit .The second part of the pre-lunch session was taken by Rajshekhar, Amit  and Hemant. They introduced the participants to the grid follower, line follower, masking, sensor interfacing. A practical demonstation of these was given by Prashant.

In the post lunch session, Mayank, Hemant, Amit discussed the main programming of the grid follower, different algorithms to solve mazes and few concepts of microcontrollers and microprocessors .This session also included a demonstration of line follower robot by Sarthak, Himanshu and IR Sensor interfacing by Prashant.

EVENT Gallery

The event photos and gallery can be found here.